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Best for People Portrait Animal Portrait Landscape Still life House

Eco-friendly oil on heavy-duty linen canvas (400 g per square meter) is the medium chosen by 80% of our customers. It ensures the most vigorous colors as well as the most subtle shades of colors and is nearly perfect for all levels of complexity, all styles and techniques. Well framed and maintained, it will last for centuries. An oil painting is suitable for any size from tiny to extremely large. If you are not sure which art type to turn a photo to, an oil painting won’t disappoint you.

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Oil Painting on Canvas

Best for People Portrait Animal Portrait Still life

Pencil and charcoal drawings are classic thanks to its black-and-white simplicity. Unlike oil paintings, artists use accurate fine lines that can be seen on paper. The background is often omitted to gain focus on the portrait. A pencil drawing doesn’t require time to dry but it often requires a layer of glass and a well-cut acid-free mat-board for framing. If you love the simplicity of black and white, the old-school and classic style, the mere portrait without complex background, the skillful precise lines by the artist and the way it’s framed, pencil drawings can make a good fit.

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Pencil Sketch

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Scratchboard is a form of fine art on canvas for which artists use sharp knives to scratch off the top layer to reveal a white or colored layer beneath. Modern scratchboard originated in the 19th century in Britain and France. Our scratchboard artists can work out highly detailed, museum level textured artworks. The color of the works can be left black, white or other colors. A scratchboard can be framed like an oil painting. If you are looking to customize a portrait not that conventional like an oil painting yet equally fine, you may try scratchboard.

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Scratchboard Art

Best for People Portrait Landscape Still life House

Watercolors are transparent and because of this a watercolor artwork features an inner brilliance and clarity of color. It looks like as if the painting is lit from within. A watercolor artwork, when being made, requires an artist to be very cautious for each brushstroke, as it’s very hard to hide a mistakes. To preserve a watercolor, it’s important to keep the painting dry, in case of water over painting that dissolves the paint. We work watercolors on artist-level watercolor paper and a mat board and a protective glass are needed for framing. Watercolor naturally goes well with landscape, buildings and houses.

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Watercolor Painting

Best for People Portrait Animal Portrait Still life House

We use artist paper and professional artist-quality colored pencils that contain a high degree of wax and pigment. Colored pencils allow for very rich, deep and luminescent colors and the art can be finished with utter details. Like pencil and charcoal drawings, mat board and a protective glass are required for framing. Colored pencil art gives an impression of modern fashion and sweetness, making it an exquisite gift.

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Colored Pencil

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Originally designed for architects and engineers, pen and ink drawing is an option for artists with patience. A pen drawing requires the artist for accuracy of the composition, the contrast and the value, which are built by overlapping the black strokes. A range of drawings can be made with pen and ink, from realistic renderings to more stylized and abstract compositions, to modern cartoon. Framing requires a mat board and a protective glass.

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Pen Ink